понеделник, август 15, 2016

IoT Cloud Data Storage Options - for Enthusiasts

After doing some IoT projects for fun you come to the point, where you start looking for platforms or sites where you can store different sensor data and visualize it.
Usually when you follow tutorials or guides you will find mentions of limited platforms, which are not always the best for your needs.
Some provide very good connectivity and are highly supported from communities with lots of examples and support. Some provide very good visualization options and they are easy to setup.
Because I live in Europe I was not satisfied with having only US  based options, but so far I was not able to find any solution which I can try myself.

So far I found this options, tried them and prepared list with positive and negative perspectives from my point of view:


Pros :
  • Nice widgets for visualization
  • IFTTT.com integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Tutorials
  • Developing a lot of libraries!
  • Still in beta - so you can influence
  • Private and public access modes
  • Still in beta - so expect some changes and issues
  • US based
  • No mobile app